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The People Profit Connection:  How to Transform the Future of Construction by Focusing on People

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What is Emotional Intelligence?

Our Mission


To help to transform the construction industry to be more collaborative, more relationship driven, more lean, and more fun with a focus on health, wellness, and peak performance.


We have been teaching emotional intelligence and people skills to the AEC industry since 2000. 


Our proven methods allow you to cultivate high performing teams on projects that use IPD, ILPD, Lean, BIM, Design Build and Design Assist.

Your Top of

Mind Problems


How many of these questions have you asked yourself?


Why can't my folks communicate or maintain relationships?  We have all of this technology and we're still not collaborating.


How do we attract and retain the best people?


Why is our company filled with middle aged white guys?  Where are the women and minorities?

Why are my people so stressed out, burned out, and have no balance in their life?


Why don't our people work safely?

How do we create high performing teams on every project?


Why is there so much conflict within our project teams?


Why can't we pass knowledge to our young people?


Why do we have poor quality, low productivity, and very little innovation?


What can I do about my alphas leaving dead bodies in their wake?

Our Solutions


Our Solutions

Through one-on-one coaching, leadership development programs, lean principles, and project-based programs (connEx), we teach your people to communicate and maintain great relationships. We solve workforce development issues and help you attract and retain the best people. We teach about diversity and inclusion and make your company a magnet for women and minorities. 

We teach stress management, time management, and life balance with a focus on peak mental, physical, and emotional performance. This leads to our Primal Safety course, which motivates workers to actually implement your safety program using emotional intelligence. We show you how to create high performing teams on every project. Communication and conflict resolution is our jam. We show your company how to share knowledge before it leaves forever. We teach the people side of quality and productivity and teach innovation for competitive advantage. 

According to Engineering News Record, we “transform apha[s} in to service focused leaders.”

Brent's grandfather was a carpenter and a painter, and Brent grew up in awe of his father, watching him build projects that shaped peoples lives and the world in which we live, including many projects for the 1996 Olympic Games.


Brent was the first person in his family to graduate from college, earning his Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1981 and beginning his own construction career.

He was an MEP Coordinator and Senior Project Manager on complicated projects like the Brook Army Medical Center and housing for the 1996 Summer Olympic Village.


Because of these first-hand experiences, Brent speaks with a deep understanding of his audience and the problems they commonly face.


His passion is to transform the industry into one that is more collaborative, more relationship-driven, and more fun.

The impact of Brent's unique programs spans the globe to 5 continents and 20 different countries including places such as New York, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Cape Town, Helsinki, Buenos Aires, Moscow, Prague, London, and as far away as Hong Kong.


Brent Darnell

Owner and President

Brent Darnell International

"Transforming Alpha Males into service focused leaders" wins Engineering News Record's Top 25 Newsmaker Award

Events and Seminars

Brent receives the

"Volunteer of the Year"

award from the

AGC in Georgia

AGC Georgia Award

Courses and Speaking Topics

Maximize Your People Skills and Project Success with Emotional Intelligence

Improvisation and Leadership

Stress Management and Peak Performance

How to Present with Power and Influence

Primal Safety:  A Gut Level Approach

Diversity and Inclusion

Workforce Development

How to Build High Performing Teams

Generations (Why we are not so different)

Think Like a Genius: Innovation, Creativity and Problem Solving

12 Steps to Great Relationships

Killer Communication Skills

Introduction to Lean and Pull Planning

From the Head to the Heart:  EI and Marketing

Time Management Using Lean Principles

Yoga and Meditation

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