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Brent's grandfather was a carpenter and a painter, and Brent grew up in awe of his father, watching him build projects that shaped peoples lives and the world in which we live, including many projects for the 1996 Olympic Games.


Brent earned his Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1981 and began his own construction career.

He was an MEP Coordinator and Senior Project Manager on complicated projects like the Brook Army Medical Center and housing for the 1996 Summer Olympic Village.


Because of these first-hand experiences, Brent speaks with a deep understanding of his audience and the problems they commonly face.


His passion is to transform the industry into one that is more collaborative, more relationship driven, and more fun.

The impact of Brent's unique programs spans the globe to places such as New York, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Cape Town, Helsinki, Buenos Aires, Moscow, Prague, London, and as far away as Hong Kong.

Brent Darnell

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"Transforming alpha males into service focused leaders." wins Engineering News Record's Top 25 Newsmaker award.




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Brent receives the

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award from the

AGC in Georgia.

The construction industry is at a crossroads. It is truly the best of times and the worst of times. Although we are gravitating more collaborative project delivery methods and many exciting technological advances and new construction methods, we struggle with issues such as workforce development, diversity and inclusion, lack of innovation, safety issues, and high stress and burnout, Our industry has the highest suicide rate of any industry. We have created an industry that is filled with alphas who don't communicate well and don't present well. Our industry image is poor and our margins are slim. So what can we do about these dire issues? This book has some answers. By focusing on the typical emotional profiles that represent the industry, we explore ways to address these issues by focusing on our people. There are practical solutions and readily implementable initiatives that will help solve these problems. In addition, there are evaluations and simple methods that are easy to follow that will allow your company to overcome these issues and thrive in this new marketplace.

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Our Total Leadership Program improves your mental, physical, and emotional performance and your project outcomes.

Teaching Emotional Intelligence and People Skills to the AEC industry.

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