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Calendar of Events

Coming Soon:

August 24-27: Applied Improvisation Network Meeting in Los Angeles, CA. Playing and presenting on a number of topics. I'm a certified applied improviser, applying improvisation principles to leadership and learning. 

September 5, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM EST: ASCE Webinar on Emotional Intelligence for the AEC Industry.  Click here to register

September 25-27, teaching at Penn State and facilitating COAA PA.  Click here for more information

October 10, speaking at the NECA Conference on Diversity and Inclusion.  Click here for more information.

October 12-14, AGC Georgia Fall Leadership Conference.  Click here for more information

November 5-8, Emerging Leaders Alliance, speaking on a number of topics. Click here for more information

November 8-10, DBIA Conference Keynote, Philadelphia, PA, on How to Build High Performing Teams.  Click here for more information

Speaking at the national CURT Conference February 2018 on diversity and inclusion.  Stay


Speaking at numerous individual companies on emotional intelligence, innovation, and diversity and inclusion.  


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