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About BDI

Our Mission

To help to transform the construction industry to be more collaborative, more relationship driven, and more fun.


We have been teaching emotional intelligence and people skills to the AEC industry since 2000. 


Our proven methods allow you to cultivate high performing teams on projects that use IPD, ILPD, Lean, BIM, Design Build and Design Assist.

Your Top of

Mind Problems

How many of these questions have you asked yourself?


Why can't my folks communicate or maintain relationships?  We have all of this technology and we're still not collaborating.


Why can't we attract and retain better people?


Why is our company filled with middle aged white guys?  Where are the women and minorities?

Why are my people so stressed out, burned out, and have no balance in their life?


Why don't our people work safely?


Why can't we create high performing teams on every project? 


Why is there so much conflict within our project teams?


Why can't we pass knowledge from Boomers to young people?


Why do we have poor quality, low productivity, and very little innovation?


What can I do about my alphas leaving dead bodies in their wake?

Our Solutions

We have the answers!


Through one-on-one coaching, leadership development programs, project-based programs (connEx).


We teach your people to communicate and maintain great relationships.


We solve your workforce development issues and teach you how to attract and retain the best people.


We teach about diversity and inclusion and make your company a magnet for women and minorities.

We teach stress management, time management, and life balance.


We teach Primal Safety, which motivates workers to actually implement your safety program using emotional intelligence. 


We show you how to create high performing teams on every project.


We teach communication and conflict resolution.


We show your companies how to share knowledge before it leaves forever.


We teach the people side of quality and productivity and teach innovation for competitive advantage.


According to Engineering News Record, we "transform alpha[s] into service focused leaders."

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