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About Brent

Brent's grandfather was a carpenter and a painter, and Brent grew up in awe of his father, watching him build projects that shaped peoples lives and the world in which we live, including many projects for the 1996 Olympic Games.


Brent earned his Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1981 and began his own construction career.

He was an MEP Coordinator and Senior Project Manager on complicated projects like the Brook Army Medical Center and housing for the 1996 Summer Olympic Village.


Because of these first-hand experiences, Brent speaks with a deep understanding of his audience and the problems they commonly face.


His passion is to transform the industry into one that is more collaborative, more relationship driven, and more fun.

The impact of Brent's unique programs spans the globe to places such as New York, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Cape Town, Helsinki, Buenos Aires, Moscow, Prague, London, and as far away as Hong Kong.

Brent Darnell

Owner & President

Brent Darnell International

Brent Darnell receives Engineering News Record's prestigious Top 25 Newsmaker award for "transforming alpha males into service focused leaders."

Discover the incredible experience of Brent's talents in this short introductory video featuring several live events and speaking seminars.

Brent receives the

"Volunteer of the Year"

award from the

AGC in Georgia.

His book has sold over 40,000 copies worldwide.


Brent's unique approach explains how to use Emotional Intelligence in the new, collaborative construction environment to maximize the success of people and projects.

Brent Darnell International

Calendar of Events

Brent Darnell International


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