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Discover an Inspirational, Time-Tested Method Proven to Motivate Your Employees and Project Teams.

Boost Your Bottom Line by Ensuring That Your Design and Construction Projects Are Completed on Budget

and on Time With the Award Winning, Revolutionary

Total Leadership Program!

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Brent Darnell is an international best-selling author, experienced educator, and leading authority on Emotional Intelligence focusing on the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry.


He has a Mechanical Engineering degree from Georgia Tech and has an extensive background in the construction industry. He is an experienced speaker who has given inspiring keynote addresses and breakout sessions all over the globe.  He has led training sessions to thousands of participants at over 100 companies in more than 20 countries, and his clients include many of the ENR Top Contractors.


His work has been called “relevant to performance on every job” by Emotional Intelligence pioneer Kate Cannon.

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Books, EI App & CD

Browse the many books and CD's by Brent Darnell on stress management, communication, relationship skills, profit maximizing and more.

Total Leadership Program

Our Total Leadership Program improves your mental, physical, and emotional performance and your project outcomes. 

Online Courses

All of our courses are now available online through CMAA"

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Why is it Important to Your AEC Business?

Brent Darnell interview with Engineering News-Record

In the construction, engineering, architecture industry there are many people with excellent technical skills. Where they usually get off-track are with their people, relationship, communication and teamwork skills.


We have found that stress and burnout to be epidemic in these industries, so our programs address the “people side” of the equation as well as a mental and physical peak performance aspect.

Our emotional intelligence training program will help to increase their performance with courses on stress management, time management, and innovation and creativity.


They will discover how to solve major industry and company issues plus learn how to attract and retain the best people, how to create safety programs that actually work, how to create a more diverse and inclusive work environment, and how to be better marketers and make their competition irrelevant.

What Clients Say

Kevin Appleton
Senior Vice President
Batson-Cook Company

“Brent has helped me better understand my weaknesses and more importantly provided advice and tools that I could work on to improve in these areas. Brent has a rare ability to recognize each individuals area for improvement and provide guidance that is clearly understood and easily accepted. Brent has made a significant impact on both my career and personal life and I appreciate that I have been able to work with him.”

Matt Rich

Vice President
Jacobsen Construction

“Having Brent work with our company changed our organization from the inside out. He helped us establish a vocabulary across our organization that enabled seasoned (and hardened) superintendents to relate better to their teams and their clients. Brent showed our people that it’s okay to have feelings and even more okay to respect other people’s feelings. We still have a lot of work to do but we now have individual plans to help us become better employees and better people.”

Mark House
Managing Director
The Beck Group

“Brent and his program has been one of the most successful and effective that we have instituted. We have identified our next generation of Leaders in the company and worked with Brent to develop those individuals to step into their “next role” with the company. In every case, each of those individuals has stepped up their game. Brent is relentless, but tactful in pursuing the areas of improvement with our folks on a very personal basis.”

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