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Total Leadership Program & Coaching

Our Total Leadership Program develops your highest level of mental and physical performance. 

For Seminar and Coaching Availablity and a Sample Proposal

In the training world, most companies offer you death by power point and a three ring binder to be put on a shelf and soon forgotten. So, a year goes by and you need the binder. You take out the contents and throw them away.


Our program offers you a holistic approach creating positive, lasting change. The road map we use for enhanced leadership, teamwork, and increased company profits has reached thousands of employees from more than 15 countries worldwide.

We not only give you five days of learning, but we give you a coach for an entire year to follow up, encourage you, give you resources, and kick your butt when you need it. All programs have customized goals and learning objectives and are aligned with your organization's needs. Contact us and tell us what your goals are. We can't wait to hear from you.

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For Seminar and Coaching Availablity and a Sample Proposal

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