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Coming to a city near you:

Atlanta, GA December 5th at AGC Georgia, 1940 The Exchange, Atlanta, GA 30339


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for Superintendents and Foremen 





Rich Seiler / Unified Works, Inc. /

Learn how to get the right work done right the first time. 
Brent Darnell / Brent Darnell International /

Learn how to impact leadership, teamwork and increase profit. 



PROGRAM OVERVIEW: This workshop is customized for superintendents and foremen of both general and trade contractors who want to learn more about leadership and collaboration used in the Last Planner System. 
We will teach you proven, sound techniques and critical leadership behaviors that you need to pull plan effectively and create steady workflow on your projects.  In other words, we’ll help you eliminate the aggravation of rework and waiting around to perform your work. 
If you’re tired of planning sessions with no buy-in, inadequate preparation, a ridiculously long process, lack of accountability, and poor results, then this program is for you. 

Learn and practice techniques developed from over 1,000 pull planning sessions that are rooted in the latest neuroscience of high-performing teams. 
Walk away with a complete set of customized tools and instructions to lead your projects and train your people from kick-off to close-out: 


● PowerPoints, handouts, templates & exercises for instruction

● Strategies to create trust, cooperation and buy-in

● Techniques to build high performing teams 
● Big Room Tools

● Play Book Instructions

● Personal Assessments 

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