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The construction industry is at a crossroads. It is truly the best of times and the worst of times. Although we are gravitating toward more collaborative project delivery methods and many exciting technological advances and new construction methods, we struggle with issues such as workforce development, diversity and inclusion, lack of innovation, safety issues, and high stress and burnout. Our industry has the highest suicide rate of any industry, our industry image is poor and our margins are slim. So, what can we do about these issues? This book has some answers. By focusing on the typical emotional profiles that represent the industry, we explore ways to address these issues by focusing on our people. There are practical solutions and readily implementable initiatives that will help solve these problems. In addition, there are evaluations and simple methods that are easy to follow that will allow your company to overcome these issues and thrive in this new marketplace. Available in paperback and e-book formats.

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Read by Lisa Leonard


Other voice talent:

Deborah Crane        

John Duffin               

Ken Foster                 

Cameron Guile         

Jamie Muffett            

Paige Powers                       Powers Voice Services, LLC

Jim Teesdale             

Charlie Weirauch III

Tough Guy Survival Kit Cover_06.jpg

This second edition, revised and expanded with tests, worksheets and support materials, it includes all of the skills you need to succeed.  Communication and Presentation Skills, Relationship Skills, Stress Management, Time Management, and Life Balance.


This companion workbook to The Tough Guy Survival Kit is dedicated to all of the women and men who make things happen in this world. This workbook will give you everything you need to create the life and career you want. We include evaluations, worksheets, and our EI Roadmap and Activity Guide to create detailed development plans to improve your critical people skills and emotional intelligence. We cover killer communication skills, how to present with power and influence, common courtesy, stress management and peak performance, time management using lean principles, and life balance. Dig in and create the success you deserve on your terms.

The Tao of Emotional Intelligence uses sayings from the I Ching, the ancient Chinese book of wisdom, to develop 16 different emotional competencies. Whether you are trying to improve your assertiveness or empathy, this book will help you to see those competencies from a different perspective using sage advice that is thousands of years old.

Click on the apps below to buy the world's first emotional intelligence app that teaches 16 different emotional competencies using the I Ching, an ancient book of Chinese wisdom.

We created this coloring book as a way to initiate conversations with workers and their families about not only safety but also about mental health and wellness. A devastatingly high number of families have been affected by work-related accidents and deaths that have left them broken and grieving. Also, according to the CDC, construction/extraction has the highest suicide rate of any industry. Written in both English and Spanish, this coloring book creates a unique way to remind construction workers about the most important reason to stay safe on the job - their families and loved ones. Proudly display the colored drawings at work as a way to show all that you have to be safe for, your children and family. All profits from this book go toward supporting a foundation that helps prevent construction suicide ( in the name of Bob A. Darnell, Brent's father who passed away in March 2009. Education is the first step in prevention and that is what this book proudly supports.


This cookbook combines Brent's family history with all of the amazing Southern recipes from the Sansom side and the Darnell side of the family.  He even throws in some recipes from the Sicilian side of his wife's family.  From fried chicken to "cathead" biscuits to gumbo to hush puppies to an amazing pasta sauce, this book will give you all of the secret family recipes for the best food you will ever put in your mouth.  

Meditation CD

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