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Speaking & Teaching Topics

Brent’s road map for enhanced leadership, teamwork, and increased company profits has reached thousands of employees from over 15 countries worldwide.


Training Is for Dogs: Stop Wasting Money on Training:           

Create Real Behavior Change and Increase Performance

American companies spend an average of $129 billion each year on training; moslty of a technical nature.  Yet the measures of success are in customer satisfaction. So, what’s wrong with this picture?


No "death by Power Point", Brent uses activity based learning, gamification and improvisation in his classes.   



















All programs have customized goals and learning objectives and are aligned with your organization's needs.































                            for more information on additonal topics:


From the Head to the Heart: Emotional Intelligence and Marketing: how people really make buying decisions 


Easy, Killer: Coaching Alpha Males


We Are the World: Understanding and Addressing Multi-Cultural Issues


Dude, When am I Going to be Vice President?: Cross-Generational Management


Human Resource Issues in the Construction Industry: From Recruiting to Succession Planning


Tighten Up the Ship: Use Relationships to Increase Quality and Productivity


Talk It Out: Communication and Knowledge Sharing


Before You Go Green: The Foundation of Green Building


Nail the Project Interview, Win the job


Throw Away the Box: Inspire Genius and Innovation in Your Organization


Applied Improvisation for Leadership and Learning


Stop Pulling Your Hair Out: Stress, Burnout and Life Balance


Wellness for Life: Using the Mind-Body Connection to Reach Peak Performance


Relationships: The First Handshake and Beyond


Killer Communication Skills


Presentation Skills: How do People Perceive You?


Collaboration and Connections:  Lasting Relationships That Create Bottom Line Results


Primal Safety: A Gut-Level Approach Using Emotional Intelligence to Enhance Your Safety Program


Create Trust and High Performing Teams

Our Main Library:


Emotional Intelligence: Foundation for Your Future


Introduction to Emotional Intelligence for the AEC industry


Relationship Skills:  The 12 Steps to High Performing Teams


Communication and Presentation Skills:  How do people perceive you?


Primal Safety: How to motivate people to make safe decisions


Innovation and Creativity: Throw Away the Box


Improvisation and Leadership


Emotional Intelligence and Marketing


Time Management Using Lean Principles and Systems Thinking


Workforce Development:  How to attract and retain the best people


Diversity and Inclusion: Embrace differences for bottom line results

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