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Total Leadership Library

Our award winning program on Emotional Intelligence and people skills is now online, using an interactive, self-paced, award winning format complete with evaluations and content that embraces a variety of learning styles. These programs on a wide variety of soft skills will create positive, lasting change in your people and positive cultural change in your company.

Complete 11 Course Online Library

Praise for the TLL:


"The Total Leadership Library is helping me to maintain the right direction and has helped me to reach my objective of improving my emotional intelligence and soft skills."


G. Cerritos/The Beck Group

"The online courses are very good and enjoyable. I like the boxes around the edge of the presentation that break up the monotony of just watching a video. They were also very helpful."


Chris Wood/Project Manager

"I just completed the course on speaking (timely since I am on a NAWIC panel that will be presenting at KSU in a couple of weeks).  I liked the approach of thinking like an actor, and the video clips were great. I followed up by finding a Toastmasters group and am going to give that a try as well. Overall the training left me with a positive feeling and I am looking forward to my upcoming speaking role."


Lisa Willis


Willis Professional Services, Inc.


Click on the video for a testimonial on the Total Leadership Library

Training Course Overview

Emotional Intelligence for the AEC industry:


This foundational course provides an intense focus on the concept of emotional intelligence. Here, Brent examines this concept’s importance, how it is measured, how it can be improved, and the powerful results it has on successful projects and your company’s bottom line. Enlightening and entertaining, this program shows participants their emotional profile and how to improve the areas that will benefit them the most.

JUST ADDED!  Diversity and Inclusion in the AEC Industry: A Way Forward  


This course addresses this vital issue on the AEC industry.  Through interactive exercises, you explore conscious and unconscious biases and how to overcome them.  This course gets at the heart of the matter of diversity and inclusion and endeavors to create true behavioral shifts to create a more diverse and inclusive industry.  Topics explored include the business case for diversity and inclusion, diversity and performance, and diversity and innovation.  Individuals and companies are given practical tools, meaningful, thought provoking exercises and simulations that opens up the dialogue in a safe environment. 


12 Steps to Great Relationships

This course takes participants through each step of how to create and maintain positive business relationships. Participants will learn every aspect of effective communication from ways to introduce themselves, to that crucial first handshake. Brent shares valuable techniques such as how to remember names and the art of following-up. This program is a must for anyone who wants to learn how to effectively network and forge relationships that will help create and drive future business.

​How to Present Like an Award Winning Actor: Increase Your Presence and Influence

This course shows participants how their body, face, voice, movement, and energy affect an audience. They will learn how to use these factors to create more effective, memorable presentations and also increase their effectiveness with one-on-one encounters. This presentation also examines the power of storytelling, the use of metaphors, the basics of rhetoric (creating powerful argumentation), and the use of status. This course goes far beyond learning to create inspiring speeches. It will give participants the tools to create a powerful presence so that they can have more influence on their projects and work environments.

Innovation, Creativity, and Problem Solving

Technical construction people and creative thinking don’t often go hand-in-hand—but they should. Creative thinking is essential to fostering innovation and leadership in every business. This is how companies will be able to face tomorrow’s industry challenges. Through the use of hands-on exercises and improvisational storytelling, Brent helps teach technical-minded professionals how to improve the creative thought process in themselves and their companies and improve their leadership skills. He also covers a problem solving/design methodology from the Stanford "D" School that will enable companies to easily solve the toughest problems.  This program is designed for any company that desires to inspire innovation and stay ahead of the curve in a competitive marketplace.


Stop Pulling Your Hair Out! Stress Management and Peak Performance


Participants will discover the powerful impact stress and burnout have on precision and decision-making. Brent teaches you how to identify and combat stress triggers before they manifest in the form of low productivity, absenteeism, and illness. In addition, participants will learn to use powerful recovery techniques to create a healthy work environment and increase energy and productivity.

Primal Safety: How to Motivate Your People to Actually Implement Your Safety Program


This course caters to the “highly independent” alpha males in the construction industry. Brent demonstrates how a simple focus on emotional competencies can turn your safety program around. By tapping into the emotional part of safety, your employees will naturally work safer, instead of rebelling against rules and policies. The business will reap the financial benefit of them doing so, allowing the company to build a well-respected reputation around this increasingly important metric. The issue isn’t about your people knowing the safety guidelines; it’s about being motivated to actually follow them. This program provides that motivation.


Time Management and the Use of Lean Principles


This course explores time management, and participants quickly learn that it has very little to do with time. We start with examining the big picture and long-term goals, then drill down, giving students powerful methods to handle all of the things that enter their world. We look at how to eliminate waste and how to handle time wasters such as emails, phone calls, drop-in visitors, and meetings. We also talk about the biggest time waster on the planet and how to avoid it.

From the Head to the Heart: Create a positive emotional experience in your day-to-day business and make your competition irrelevant.


Can your business sustain itself by competing on price alone? Have you cut your overhead and profit down to next to nothing and still find it hard to compete? Find out how to differentiate your company through creating a positive emotional experience instead of a reliable transaction. Find out how to tap into the intangible, emotional side of business to make your company stand out. Find out how to increase business opportunities without cutting cost. Look at case studies where companies have implemented emotional intelligence principles as a strategic initiative to improve business. You will leave with not only the principles, but also practical ideas to implement the very next day!


Workforce Development: How to Attract and Retain the Best People


You’re probably already experiencing a workforce shortage both with craft labor and management. How do you compete? What keeps people happy and motivated? What makes prospective employees choose your company over other companies? What makes employees choose to stay rather than leave? We are in the middle of a workforce crisis. How do you attract and retain the very best people? This course explores practical ways to attract and retain the very best people and give you practical ideas to implement immediately. 


Killer Communication Skills


Through this course, participants gain the essential basics of powerful and effective communication. They will learn the pitfalls of communication and how to communicate clearly. Participants will reap the benefits of effective communication and learn how to motivate and persuade others without resorting to the traditional command and control approach.


Complete 11 Course Online Library

We believe in giving back.

1% of all profits will be donated to Safehouse Outreach in Atlanta, GA for their program that trains and places homeless in construction trade professions.

Need multi-course volume discounts? Please let us know for our current pricing.

We solve all of your problems with training and talent development:


1. This library gives the learner the Emotional Intelligence and people skills to thrive in this new, collaborative work environment.

2. LOW cost with volume discounts! The TLL retails for $499. That's less than $50 per course! With volume discounts, the TLL can cost companies and government agencies as little as $55 per library. That's less than $6 per course! 


For Industry Associations, not only do their members receive a discount, but the association can generate revenue for each library sold. Deep discounts and volume licenses for schools are also available. For 250 licenses or greater, the cost is only $39 per library! That's less than $4 per course!


3. Flexibility! The courses are self-paced and can be done at any time on ANY device (phone, tablet, computer).


4. A robust Learning Management System (LMS) that can track every student, tell you where they are in the process and what they scored on the quizzes.


5. We can add any blended learning such as live sessions or webinars for your company or organization.  We can also train your trainers to deliver live learning to internal groups or provide peer-to-peer learning methods to help you to get the most out of this library of courses. We also offer weekly webinars and open coaching calls for TLL learners.


6. We can even create customized courses to fit the needs of your organization. Do you want to add something that is unique to your organization's culture or way of doing business? We can do that very easily with The Generator!


7. The entire online training courses utilize the amazing online training company called

Global eTraining that is easy and fun to use!

Training Course Details

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